Margery's Memories

Favorite Outfit

Today I am grateful for a friend asking me about the Christmas outfit Mom made me, which reminded me about this favorite outfit. I am pretty sure I made it, I do remember placing the pattern across the crackerjack image just so. I also have vague memories of not liking to cut out looooonnng pieces of fabric, like the legs would have been.

353I LOVED these overalls, seems like the knees where patched later on due to constant wear, and then most likely cut into shorts.

As for the Christmas outfit, it was a neon orange pants suit with bell bottoms and a button up vest, with a white long sleeved blouse with a ruffled front. Think Shirley Partridge outfit, only sleeveless. Later when I grew several inches the pants were turned into nickers and I thought of it as my George Washington outfit. too bad we don’t have a picture of it.



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