Lucky 13?

Today I am grateful to be born on the 13th, thank you, thank you, thank you. Is the number 13 lucky? It is for me! My maternal Grandfather was born on the 13th and I am his 13th grandchild, and I was born on the 13th. After I was born he sent me a card telling me, I was their “lucky one”, due to this. After Mom passed on my birthday, Lexi reminded me of this. What a way to compete the story, thanks Mom!mom1

This doesn’t have anything to do with 13, just one of my favorite pictures of Mom. I used it in my art and it was published!


A Flag for Mom

56 years ago today, my family flew a pink pillow case to let the neighbors know a little girl was born. 30 years later, after three days of labor with my first born, my Parents hung a blue pillow case (or maybe just blue fabric) to the neighbors Damian arrived safe and sound. With the passing of my Mother yesterday, I thought it was very appropriate to fly a flowered flag today, to alert all, to enjoy my Mother’s blessings raining down on them.


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Mr. & Mrs. Mikkelsen, June 20, 1948

DeeBob1On June 20th, Eldora Mae Slorby married Robert Arthur Mikkelsen, soon these two love birds will be celebrating 69 years of marriage. This blog’s purpose is for loved ones to help Dee and Bob commemorate their lifetime of love with treasured memories. Please share this blog far and wide with all who might be interested in participating by sharing their own memories of Dee and Bob.