Margery's Memories

First Time Fishing

Today I am grateful to be reminded of the first time I caught a fish. We were at twin lakes in Iowa on our summer vacation with our Mikkelsen cousins. Lucky for me Tom baited the hook and all I had to do was cast it out and a second later reel it in with a fish on the end. Tom then kindly unhooked the fish, re-baited my hook and I quickly caught two more. 329


He even cleaned them for me. Seem like we had corn meal battered fried fish for dinner, I remember not being to crazy about it. Not like I was years later when Mom broiled trout for us, YUMMY! It has never tasted as good.


Looks like Timmy was getting tossed into the lake for his birthday. We sure had lots of good times that summer.

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Margery's Memories

The Kiss that got me Published

Today I am grateful for this tiny bit of my art. Thank you, thank you, thank you. In 2006, Somerset Studio Magazine was celebrating 10 years of publishing and had a call for art that contained a 10. I quickly added the “x” kiss bead with a tiny safety pin and two ribbons to my memory box so it would qualify, and that it did!

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A picture of Grandma Slorby adorns the front. She was at a family reunion, Mrs. Marge had hoped Grandma would buy and wear prettier shoes. Grandma responded no, she wanted comfortable shoes. Yes, I changed the story a bit, because I imagined she loved her yellow dress because it reminded her of Mom’s childhood outfit. Mom was very proud of my art being published.


Lucky 13?

Today I am grateful to be born on the 13th, thank you, thank you, thank you. Is the number 13 lucky? It is for me! My maternal Grandfather was born on the 13th and I am his 13th grandchild, and I was born on the 13th. After I was born he sent me a card telling me, I was their “lucky one”, due to this. After Mom passed on my birthday, Lexi reminded me of this. What a way to compete the story, thanks Mom!mom1

This doesn’t have anything to do with 13, just one of my favorite pictures of Mom. I used it in my art and it was published!

Margery's Memories

Favorite Outfit

Today I am grateful for a friend asking me about the Christmas outfit Mom made me, which reminded me about this favorite outfit. I am pretty sure I made it, I do remember placing the pattern across the crackerjack image just so. I also have vague memories of not liking to cut out looooonnng pieces of fabric, like the legs would have been.

353I LOVED these overalls, seems like the knees where patched later on due to constant wear, and then most likely cut into shorts.

As for the Christmas outfit, it was a neon orange pants suit with bell bottoms and a button up vest, with a white long sleeved blouse with a ruffled front. Think Shirley Partridge outfit, only sleeveless. Later when I grew several inches the pants were turned into nickers and I thought of it as my George Washington outfit. too bad we don’t have a picture of it.


Margery's Memories

Thank you Mom!

Mom was an avid quilter and each of my kiddos at birth received a blanket like this one. Lexi’s was the only one that had lace around the edge. When I was in labor with her, Mom brought her lace stash to the hospital for me to pick the one I liked the best. She brought it back the next day on the blanket.  It also contained Lexi’s Initials and birth-date. Last night I was sad that I didn’t get more of my Mother’s quilts and that I had “lost” this one, has it been missing for 14 years. But today when I was looking for a flowered pillow case to fly I found it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. 0614171316_0001

WOW Mom! that was soon!!!


A Flag for Mom

56 years ago today, my family flew a pink pillow case to let the neighbors know a little girl was born. 30 years later, after three days of labor with my first born, my Parents hung a blue pillow case (or maybe just blue fabric) to the neighbors Damian arrived safe and sound. With the passing of my Mother yesterday, I thought it was very appropriate to fly a flowered flag today, to alert all, to enjoy my Mother’s blessings raining down on them.


Margery's Memories

The Best Birthdays

RIP Dee Mikkelsen December 31, 1926 – June 13, 2017. Mom was born on New Years Eve, what is better that! Six kids and I was the only one with a summer (well almost) Birthday. My sisters tell me I always had the “best birthdays”. However, was jealous of Mari who was born on Dad’s Birthday. Mom made up for that today, by starting her celebration up in Heaven on her baby’s birthday. I love you Mom!!!


and Yes, Mom, I will see you again, soon!